Reddit is not a democracy

The internet has long been a place where users can interact, but that’s been changing.

The company says it plans to shut down the platform entirely in 2019.

We have some insight.

On Wednesday, Reddit announced plans to eliminate its public subreddit, which lets users post their favorite jokes, pictures and other content on the website.

That includes Reddit, which also owns the popular “Ask Me Anything” forum.

Reddit’s CEO, Yishan Wong, told reporters that the decision to shut the site down was driven by what he called “unwanted content.”

The company also plans to begin removing user comments, a move that will not impact the site’s user base, but it may impact how users use the platform in the future.

The announcement came hours after the company reported that it had sold more than 4 billion dollars worth of its stock in the first two weeks of the year.

The stock has gained over 10% over the past 12 months, and is currently trading at $1,215 per share.

The news came just days after the Trump administration announced it would impose a 30% tariff on Chinese imports of American-made goods.

While Reddit says it intends to continue operating in the US, Wong said it was “not appropriate for us to be in the business of providing a platform for free speech and free expression.”

Reddit is a popular social news site with more than 30 million subscribers and millions of unique visitors each month.

In its most recent quarterly earnings report, Reddit said it earned $16 million.

The online platform, which was founded by entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian in 2004, has more than 1 billion page views a month.

Wong said the company is taking the move to a new business model and that it will no longer operate on its own.

“As we’ve learned, you can’t be free forever, so we’re making this change to focus on building a better Reddit for the future,” Wong said.

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