How to play Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch console

We’re almost there!

We’re nearly there!

With the Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo revealed the first gameplay of Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, and it’s awesome.

It’s a real treat.

You can play it right now, right?

Here’s how to do it.1.

Go to your Nintendo Switch eShop.2.

Click on the “Nintendo Switch” tab.3.

Go into the “Customize” section and then select the “Minesweeper” title.4.

You should see a new section on the right called “Minecraft on Switch.”

That means you have to download the Minecraft-compatible version of Minecraft and install it on your Switch.

You also need to buy a minecraft license for $49.99.

You’ll need the same license for the other game, too, so go to the “Licenses” tab and choose the “Minecarts” one.5.

When you’re done, click the “Play” button.

Your Nintendo Switch is now ready to mine!

If you’ve never played Minecraft before, it’s not that bad.

You could easily find the best spots for spawning and building.

But it’s still a little silly, and you’ll probably want to put it on a couch to play it with friends or someone who isn’t playing it on the go.6.

You’re done!

You can now play Minecraft with your Nintendo Wii U console.

You might need to update your console’s version of the game, though, as it doesn’t support the Switch’s HDMI output.

So you’ll need to get your Nintendo WU app to update Minecraft for the Switch.7.

Click the “Start Game” button and then the “Game” button on the main menu.8.

You need to select “Start” from the game’s menu.

That’s it!

Minecraft is yours to explore on the Switch, with all its familiar settings and game mechanics.

Here’s the official announcement trailer for Minecraft on Switch:

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