Proxy server address leak revealed as NSA probes cybercrime

Wikileaks revealed the location of a secret US government computer network that is used to monitor the Internet for Russian cyber-espionage.

The NSA had previously refused to release the IP address of the computer network it runs on, arguing that it would be too expensive to maintain.

The revelation came on Wednesday after WikiLeaks published a trove of US intelligence documents detailing the operation, known as the PRISM programme.US intelligence agencies have long accused Russia of hacking into computers and stealing secrets.

Wikileaks has repeatedly sought the NSA’s help in finding the real source of the hacking, saying it has information about the Russian operation.

The leak also reveals that the NSA has been monitoring the activities of two different companies that are not named in the documents.

Wikileaks said it had discovered the existence of the PRISMA programme after hacking into the servers of two private cyber-security firms.

The firms, which are not publicly disclosed, were located in France and the UK.

Wikis data was shared with the US National Security Agency and its British counterpart GCHQ, Wikileaks said in a statement.

The two companies, BlackHat and Glimpse, have said they are not part of PRISM, and neither the NSA nor GCHQ has any knowledge of the existence or operation of the programme.

But a spokesperson for the NSA told the BBC the company was aware of Wikileaks data.

“The NSA does not have any information or intelligence about the identities or activities of the firms.

PRISM targets foreign intelligence targets,” the spokesperson said.”PRISM works to help the government detect, prevent, and disrupt foreign attacks on the US and our allies.

We share the results of that work with our foreign partners to provide them the tools to defend themselves against these attacks.”

WikiLeaks has previously said it has seen data about the US programme leaked by Edward Snowden.

Last year, Wikileaks published the NSA documents in response to a request from the US Senate’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Wikileaks said it was concerned by the NSA and GCHQ’s apparent cooperation in spying on Wikileaks.

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