Trump to address crowd: ‘The press is the enemy of the American people’

President Donald Trump is set to address a massive crowd of thousands in Pennsylvania on Thursday evening, but will be accompanied by a few of his fellow Republicans.

Trump will hold his first rally since his inauguration in April, which is a rare occurrence.

But his speech will also be the first time the president has addressed a major crowd since he took office, following the deadly shooting at the Washington Navy Yard in September.

Trump has been criticized for his silence in the aftermath of the Navy Yard shooting, but many have criticized the administration for not being more vocal in response.

The White House said Trump would not address the crowd, saying the speech was a prelude to a speech on immigration and crime.

The event will take place in a large arena on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, where Trump and his family will be able to watch from a distance.

Trump is expected to begin his remarks by telling the crowd he has made it his mission to work tirelessly to get the nation’s economy moving again, but he also said he wants to work with Congress to address the nation, which has struggled with high unemployment and rising poverty rates.

Trump said that during his campaign, he campaigned for more guns and he wants Congress to do the same.

“The press has been the enemy,” he said.

“The press should be ashamed of itself.”

“They’re not reporting the truth.

They’re not telling the truth,” Trump said.”

They say something and you think, oh, they’re just talking to their bosses.

They never say anything and they never tell you anything.

They say nothing, but they do it so they can get paid.”

The president also took a shot at House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin, calling him a “liar” who is “the least popular speaker in the history of Congress.”

“Paul Ryan and the other Republicans who are trying to take the House from me are the least popular speakers in the ever history of the United States of America,” Trump added.

The president said that he will not take credit for any accomplishments he has had in office, adding that “it’s not the press that has been dishonest.”

Trump also criticized Congress for not passing his health care reform law, calling it a “disaster” and a “horrible mess.”

“We’ve had an unbelievably horrible health care plan, we’ve had a terrible, terrible plan, and now it’s unraveling.

And we’re getting worse and worse,” Trump told the crowd.”

You’re the ones who keep us going and you’re the people that keep us alive,” he added.”

We’re getting nothing, we’re not getting nothing.

And they’re the losers.

They are the losers.”

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