What you need to know about Plex Server, the new Google Cloud Messaging app from Plex.

The Plex team recently updated the Plex client to support Google Cloud Platform, which allows for applications to communicate over the service’s messaging APIs.

The new Plex client is available on the Plex website.

The Plex Team notes that Google Cloud is designed to “enable developers to build apps that are fast, reliable, and secure.”

The new Google app provides a simpler way to get started with the service, and includes a “Plex Launcher,” which allows you to easily launch a Google account.

The Plex Launcher will work with all Plex apps, but Plex will not.

The launcher is designed for users with basic experience with Google Cloud or with advanced Plex experience.

For developers, Plex will provide a “Newest” tab, which is an option to show users what’s new in the Plex software.

This is a handy way to see what’s coming in the next release, such as the latest version of the Plex app.

For users, the Plex Team says that the launcher allows you “to easily find what you’re looking for and quickly jump to that content.”

For developers using the Plex Launcher, the team says that it is the “perfect tool to quickly start and build your own custom apps with your own unique design, themes, and themes themes, themes.plex-theme.com/applications” will be available in the app launcher.

This will allow you to quickly customize your apps using themes.

Plex also added a new section in the Settings menu that lists “Customers” and “Connections.”

This allows you select the user account to connect to the app.

This user account will allow the app to communicate with your Google account, and allows you the ability to change or remove the connections on the fly.

The team notes that Plex does not have any plans to support other cloud services, such a Dropbox or Amazon S3.

However, if you are planning on using Plex for your private cloud, Plex is looking for developers to get in on the fun.