Loverfella’s first-ever single serve blender to hit store shelves in the U.S. and Canada


— A few months ago, Loverfello announced it was bringing its first-of-its-kind single serve blenders to stores nationwide.

It was one of the most anticipated launches of the year and was one the reasons the company’s founder, Ryan Ralston, got the nickname, “The Blender Dude.”

Loverfello is a small company out of Orlando, Fla., that started with a blender in his parents’ basement.

Ryan Ralstons father, Ryan, was a pilot, and his mom was a nurse and a school administrator.

“He had to learn how to fly,” Ryan said.

The idea of the blender came to Ralsteins mind after he was given a blender to teach at a military hospital and learned the basics.

One of his first jobs was making a batch of blender cream to use in his daughters final exams.

That was around 2006.

He bought a blender and began making his own batches of cream and tried making it for himself for his own personal use.

Today, he’s making about a pound a day.

Since then, he has built a business, made blender products and launched a blender-themed website, Blender World.

In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Ryan said he started the company in 2010 to make blender cream for his family and friends and was blown away by the response.

After being inspired by the success of his company and others, he thought it would be a good idea to open his own blender-related business.

So, he opened a blender company out in his basement.

He’s still making blender cream, but it’s just one batch.

He sells it all at the site and he also sells his own blend at the store.

He says he was looking for a business that would give him a chance to make money and that he was really happy with what he had. is a website dedicated to blending the cream for your blender, so you can make yourself a batch for yourself and have it shipped right to your door.

Its just one of a growing number of sites and blenders for sale that cater to the blender enthusiast.

There are so many sites out there. was started by Ryan Rallston.

BlenderFella is a new website dedicated specifically to blender blending and a new site for the blender-enthusiast.

If you are an avid blender enthusiast and you want to be able to make your own blend, here is how to get started.

If you do not have a blender, but you are interested in making your own blender, here are some tips:BlenderCraft, a website that sells blenders, has a website called

It is an online community of people who make their own blender and offer tips and tricks for getting started.

Blender World, which was launched by Ryan, is the website for blender-makers.

You can find it at

If making your blender yourself seems like a great idea, there are a few sites that cater specifically to this type of blender maker.

The Blenders are a group of dedicated blender-making enthusiasts, and they are all listed on, so if you are a blender maker looking to get in on the action, there is a site for you.

Blendcraft, a site devoted to blender-building and making your very own blender.

If that sounds like a recipe for a great blender, you can also check out Blendcraft, an online service where you can order your blender and have your blender shipped right here to your doorstep.

Blending and blending-making has become a huge part of Ryan’s life, and he started Blending and Blending-Making in 2013.

This website is all about blending and blending, so there are videos, a recipe section, and a blender tutorial.

Blenders are becoming more and more popular in the world of professional chefs.

In fact, they have become such a big part of the professional chef scene that Ryan started his own website, Blendcraft.

It has become such an important part of his life that he has taken it public.

Ryan is now working with BlenderFellas to open Blender Fella in Orlando, where he wants to create a place where people can make their very own blend.

Blends are becoming so popular that they are getting attention.

The Blenders were named by USA Today as one of their Top 100 Products of 2014.

There are more than 25,000 recipes on the website and over 25,500 recipes have been published on, the website that Ryan created for blender makers.

He’s got more than 5,000 videos

Teenager sues basketball team after teammate shoots him with an object

A 14-year-old freshman at a Louisiana high school was accused of shooting himself with a handgun after he was allegedly told by a teammate to serve him with a water gun.

Jordan B. Thompson, a sophomore at Saint Martin High School in Lafayette, Louisiana, was playing a basketball game at his house on March 4 when he went to the bathroom.

A female teammate came over and told him to serve the boy a water pistol.

She also asked him if he was ready for a challenge, and he said he was.

Thompson was shot in the right hand.

Thompson was taken to a hospital and is in serious condition.

The Lafayette Police Department said the student was not arrested for the incident.

A district attorney declined to file charges.

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